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microMend Benefits

Benefits of Using microMend for Wound Closure

Rapid and Easy to Use

  • Little to no pain upon application. Eliminates requirement for local anesthesia.
  • As easy and fast to apply as a bandage. Minimal training and procedure preparation needed. Can be applied by a broad range of healthcare personnel.
  • Much faster than using sutures – 7x faster as shown in KitoTech clinical studies. Significantly shortens procedure times.

Secure Wound Closure

  • Similar holding strength to sutures documented in pre-clinical studies.
  • Tight wound seal upon closure, which has the potential to reduce risk of infection.
  • Able to remain in place for up to 14 days.

Improved Patient Experience with microMend

  • Minimal to no pain upon application and removal.
  • Comfortable while being worn.
  • Great for children because it is painless and takes only a few seconds to apply.
  • Can be used to close wounds in elderly and chronically ill patients with fragile skin. Excellent results in closing skin tears.
  • Better cosmetic results as demonstrated in clinical studies, which is due to less inflammation and tissue damage that causes scarring.
  • Convenient and economical for patients. Patients can remove microMend eliminating one of the major reasons for a return clinic visit.

Reduced Procedure Costs

  • Less total material costs than for many suture closure procedures. No need for local anesthesia, suture tray, and removal kit.
  • Rapid application translates into shorter procedures which can save operating costs of facilities. Higher throughput means more patients can be treated increasing revenues.
  • Simple application makes it feasible for other practitioners, including Nurse Practitioners, PAs, RNs, and nursing assistants to perform wound closure.
  • Potential to eliminate local anesthesia shortens overall time of procedure.
  • Easier for treating child lacerations, which reduces time and resources required for pediatric cases.
  • Potential to eliminate return clinic visit since patient is able to remove microMend.

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