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Make wounds an open and closed case with microMend®

microMend is the revolutionary, disposable, wound-closure
device developed by a board-certified physician.

Secure wound closures.
Gentle. Painless. Rapid Application.
Great for children and the elderly.

microstaple product image
- Tightly and seamlessly closes wounds in seconds
- Stabilizes wounds to help speed healing
- Painless and rapid application is perfect for children
- Ideal for the elderly with thin, fragile skin

Clinically Proven to
Reduce Scarring by:

- Preventing further damage to the wound that can lead to inflammation
- Bringing wound edges together tightly to eliminate gaps that cause scars
- Relieving tension on wound that stimulates scar formation
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microMend PRO Application Photo 3 clinical Copy 11


- Easy application means that it can be applied by just about anyone anywhere
- Stays on for up to 14 days so no need to replace in contrast to bandages
- Transparent adhesive film allows you to monitor the wound as it heals
Group 8
Eliminates stressful, costly, 
time-consumer ER and Urgent Care Visits
Group 7
Safe and
Group 6
Can be used by people
with all types of skin and
skin tones
Group 5
Made in the USA

Remember, the sooner you close a wound
the better It will heal and less likely
it will become infected.

Be sure to keep microMend on hand
wherever accidents happen.

How to apply microMend®


Doctors recommend

microMend has been widely used by medical professionals in hospitals and clinical settings throughout the U.S.