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Physician Testimonials

What Medical Professionals ​Say About microMend PRO



“The microMend wound closure device is great for emergency use. I can apply it in seconds. Patients enjoy the painless application, the short length of stay in the Emergency Room, and the fact they don't have to return to have it removed.”
John Hendren – Emergency Room Physician

"microMend products are truly revolutionary.  They have noticeably decreased our throughput times for laceration repairs in the Emergency Department.  Moreover, patients love them, because there are no needles involved.  Additionally, the cosmetic results are fantastic.  These products are especially useful for laceration repairs in children and their use has led to greater patient, parent and provider satisfaction."
Dan Wahl – Emergency Room Physician

“One of my first uses of microMend was on an autistic boy with a chin laceration. The wound was too deep and gaping for Steri-Strips. The patient was already hysterical, and it was apparent that he’d need either sedation or restraints in order for me to close the laceration with traditional sutures. Thankfully, we had some microMend devices in the ER. I was able to explain the whole process in detail to the patient and his parents, and then closed the laceration with two microMend devices. It took less than 5 minutes. The patient said it didn’t hurt and his parents were very happy with the visit. Without MicroMend, this patient encounter would be exponentially riskier and more stressful for everyone involved.”
Silas Chiu
 – Emergency Room Physician

microMend is a great alternative to suturing lacerations and cuts. It is as easy to use as a bandage and has miniature staples that provide holding strength that rivals sutures. It goes on painlessly and can be applied in seconds. Wounds heal rapidly with less scarring. 
Lawrence Zeidman – Primary Care Physician


“One of the first times I used microMend was on a 4-year-old patient who sustained a chin laceration. As most doctors do, I was dreading injecting anesthesia and suturing the wound. I could just see the relief on her face that her child did not need to undergo the trauma of sutures. I saw the child for wound check 3 days later and the wound looked great!”
Marco Hernandez – Emergency Room Physician


"microMend is a well-conceived, simple, and effective wound closure device. It is quick, easy to use, and provides a viable alternative to suture closure of wounds. It also produces a good quality scar. As an added bonus it can be removed by the patient, thus avoiding another visit to the provider for removal."

Braden Stridde – Plastic Surgeon


“As a busy plastic surgeon, minutes count in the operating room and every patient requires an excellent cosmetic closure. With the addition of the microMend wound closure device to my practice I have saved time in surgery, and had excellent cosmetic results with my patients. The device is so easy to apply that my nurses and medical assistants use it in the office too. Absolutely love this product!” 
Chris Nichols – Plastic Surgeon

"I really like microMend. Application is quick and painless. Removal is easy and much faster than suture removal. The results have been excellent."
David Zachary Martin – Trauma/Plastic Surgeon


"One of the main advantages of the device is the elimination of ‘railroad track’ suture marks. This goes along with the general diminution of wound inflammation. The ease of application and removal are major time-saving factors for the surgeon."
Ross Zeltser – Dermatologic Surgeon

"My impressions are really positive; the device is really easy to use, and I think the incisions are less inflamed at suture removal than when I use sutures. Wound care is easier for the patients as well, since the wound is covered and they aren't cleaning it and dressing it with ointment."
Karl Vance – Dermatologic Surgeon


"The microMend closure device has secured a place in my practice due to reliable results, ease of use, and economy. microMend will change your surgical practice to the benefit of you and your patients."
Henry DeGroot – Dermatologic Surgeon


“My surgical center has bought several boxes and will continue to purchase, and hopefully more as I get other doctors to try it as well. In the cases I’ve used the devices in, the patients have done well with no complications and wounds look great.”
Nirav Shah – Orthopedic Surgeon

"microMend is a clever innovation, quick and easy to apply, that results in inconspicuous, well-healed incisions for minimally invasive surgery. My patients and I are both extremely happy with the results."
Linda Mihalov – Gynecologic Surgeon


“Some innovations are a dream we have all been waiting to get and use.  microMend exceeds expectations.  It allows avoidance of prep time to close routine skin incision, is painless, safe and rapid.  Fabulous time and resource saver.” 
Richard Bensinger – Oculoplastic Surgeon