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Simple to Apply as a Bandage - Strong as a Suture

Avoid a Trip to the ER and Treat Your Wound Wherever You Are

When you get a cut that needs more than a bandage, think microMend. A unique wound care alternative to sutures, staples and adhesive strips, microMend uses revolutionary Microstaple technology to anchor the device safely to the skin and protect the incision site. microMend is the best new way to effectively treat skin tears, cuts and lacerations.

Painless  |  Quick  |  Easy to Use  |  Affordable  |  Safe  |  Great for Children

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Stock Up and Be Prepared

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Add to Your

  • First Aid Kit
  • Medicine Cabinet
  • Tool Box
  • Suitcase
  • Backpack
  • Office
  • Car/Truck/RV
  • Sports Bag

Accidents Happen

  • Kitchen
  • Garage or Projects
  • Sports and Playground
  • Biking and Hiking
  • Camping
  • Hunting and Fishing
  • Traveling
  • Construction and Manufacturing

microMend Benefits

microMend is a hassle-free and much less expensive alternative to being treated at the ER or Urgent Care Clinic.

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What Customers Say

Doctor Recommended

Clinically Proven Wound Closure Technology

Wound treatment everywhere


Superior clinical results show improved patient experiences nationwide. And now, you can apply microMend right at home or work, while travelling, or in the outdoors.

Wound treatment at home


In clinical studies, 90% of patients preferred cosmetic results with microMend to sutures.

Micromend Skin Closure Manufacturer in the USA


microMend is a Class 1 510k exempt medical device listed with the FDA and is made in the U.S.A.

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