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Customer Testimonials

What Customers ​Say About microMend

woman caring for sons wound

Really great

"Wish I didn't have to use this. Normally I would grab whatever was nearby (typically duct tape - I'm a contractor) but duct tape removal is never pretty. I had this handy and gave it a go. I was surprised at how well this "stuck" and allowed me to close & hold my cut much better. Ordering more so I always have this handy."


Saved me a trip to the ER

"Worked amazing for what I needed, it adhered well to my cut. The thickness was perfect I could barely feel it there. And it had enough stretch that it moved with the wound during my everyday activities as a Dining Room manager. There’s lots of running around."

Katie Plante

Wow, Amazing   

"This quite simply is one of the coolest products I have ever bought. I wish I had this the first three times I had stitches."

Ben N.

The greatest invention ever

"This is an amazing product!! I wanted something to put on my son's forehead when the glue from the ER busted apart. I expected the application to hurt him, but he didn't even notice the microstaples!! He would have had a massive scar without this amazing little device. I will be keeping them on hand in my first aid kit forever!"



"It’s amazing how fast and easy microMend works! My friend was surfing, and he cut his foot. A few days later after using the closure the cut was completely closed. Awesome product!!"

Jake Picarelli

Works Great!

"I cut myself in the kitchen cutting corn off of the cob. Used the device for the first time. Being transparent, you can see the wound as you apply it; I like that aspect.  It closed the wound just right. It healed up very nicely, very quickly."

Park Burrets

Saved us a trip to the ER

"I bought these to be proactive am very glad I did. My four year old son hit his head on a metal Easter basket, breaking the basket and causing a very nasty, wide scrape on his scalp. I knew it would be terrible to try to give him stitches. These did an absolutely wonderful job. Every parent should keep these on hand."


Necessary addition to the medicine cabinet!

"I accidentally dropped a knife on my foot (😳), and the microMend was perfect for keeping me out of the ER. The product was easy to apply and helped keep the wound protected and together. Plus, the cut healed so quickly. I am going to get more for our medicine cabinet."


"My daughter fell and cut her chin and ordinarily would need at least two stitches. microMend went on painlessly and closed the wound even better than stitches would have. More than the $150 co-pay for an ER visit, microMend saved us 2-4 hours of waiting and our daughter the trauma of being put in restraint while getting stitches, THANK YOU!!!!"

Nikki T.

"I cut my thumb while slicing vegetables. It was not so deep as to require stitches but required something to keep the cut closed, clean and dry. So I applied a small microMend device to the wound. It went on fast, simple and painlessly. I could right away continue with my daily activities without problems – wash my hands, take a shower, etc. I removed the device after a couple days and the cut was healing well. This is a great product to have around the house, especially for people like me with poor knife skills."

Molly Z.

"I am a physician, and this is a great product! Rather than stitches, this is the best product out there! Works better, faster, cheaper and with less pain. My two boys play hard, but with this product, I know I can get them to heal the worst cuts that would otherwise require stitches. There is also no doubt I will be using this product on our outdoor hiking adventures."

Signed by "Dr. Mom"

"I cut myself and thought I needed stitches. My neighbor had told me about the microMend wound closure device. She had some and came over and closed my wound with them. It was fast and painless, and the wound healed quickly and without any scarring."

Larry D.

microMend is Endorsed by Medical Professionals

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