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Clinical Studies

Clinically Proven Results

Physicians and Patients Agree ​that microMend is Superior to Sutures
​KitoTech Medical has conducted multiple clinical and case studies that have shown outstanding clinical results using microMend to close wounds in a broad range of clinical specialties​.
  • A clinical study in 18 patients undergoing minimally invasive surgeries (laparoscopic or robotic) in General Surgery, Urology, and Gynecology. Please see attached study entitled “microMend Skin Closure Device – Clinical Study Comparing microMend to Sutures for Closing Port Site Wounds” for more detailed information. The study was also presented at the 2019 American College of Obstetrics Gynecology Meeting.
    • Skin wounds at port sites closed with microMend were compared to those closed with sutures in the same patient. Evaluations took place at Day 0 (day of surgery) and Days 10 and 30 post-surgery. Eighty five percent (85%) of practitioners rated microMend superior to sutures in this study. Ninety percent (90%) of patients preferred microMend to sutures. 
    • There were no serious or significant adverse events in the study. 

Outstanding Results in Closing Wounds after Excision of Skin Cancers and Cysts
  • A second single-arm clinical study was performed in 16 patients undergoing excisions of skin cancers and cysts in which microMend was used to close surgical incisions. The dermatologist in this study rated microMend excellent for overall and specific parameters (usability, speed, wound appearance) in every patient. Please see attached study entitled “Clinical Study Using microMend to Close Skin Excisions and Mohs Surgeries”. 

Preliminary Report: Excellent Wound Closure and Healing in Laceration Repair​
  • A fourth clinical study closing lacerations with microMend has recently been completed in 31 patients. Preliminary results have been reported to be excellent.  The final data are being compiled for analysis and publication.

Porcine Studies Show Tensile Holding Strength Similar to Sutures
  • Pre-clinical studies were performed using a standard wound closure model in pigs. Excellent wound closure and healing and cosmetic results were documented in all animals. In addition, tensile strength was equivalent between microMend and sutures. Please see Pre-clinical Porcine Studies of Closure of Surgical Wounds.  

In addition to these clinical studies, case studies have been conducted in several other specialties, including plastics, orthopedics, obstetrics, vascular surgery, and wound care.  Physicians have reported high levels of satisfaction with microMend and excellent results. 

KitoTech Medical plans to perform additional clinical studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of microMend in several other surgical and medical specialties.

There have been no reported cases of significant adverse events in any patient which microMend has been used to date in clinical and case studies, as well as healthcare providers purchasing our product. 

Surgical Study

​Study in Patients Comparing microMend to Sutures for Closing Port Site Wounds in Minimally Invasive Surgeries



Presentation of Surgical Study

​A Novel Skin Closure Device for Minimally Invasive Surgery: Patient and Provider Assessments 



Dermatology Study

Clinical Study Using microMend to Close Skin Excisions and Mohs Surgeries



Pre-Clinical Study

Pre-Clinical Porcine Studies of Closure of Surgical Wounds