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microMend PRO is Ideal for Cosmetic and Mohs Surgery

MicroMend PRO incorporates the key features needed for optimal wound closure. It is designed like a butterfly bandage so it can be applied easily and painlessly in seconds. Microstaples allow the device to achieve the holding strength of sutures. microMend PRO can close wounds of a broad range of lengths and shapes. In a direct comparison, closing wounds with microMend PRO was shown to achieve superior cosmetic results to sutures due to reduced skin irritation and wound trauma.

head wound, microMend PRO application process

During microMend PRO Application

head wound, microMend PRO applied

microMend PRO Applied

head wound, after 3 months with microMend PRO

After 3 Months


Before microMend PRO


microMend PRO Applied


After 3 Months

Ways to use microMend PRO

Without Other Wound Closure Products

  • Primary skin closure of incisions that do not extend below the upper dermis.
  • To extend the duration of closure security after suture or staple removal.

In Combination with Suture or Staples

  • Closure of the upper skin layer in which sutures or staples were used for closure of deeper skin layers.
  • Adjunct to sutures or staples for wounds under tension.

microMend PRO Products for Clinical Use

microMend product sizes - for clinical use

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