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KitoTech Medical Introduces microMend FLEX+™ for Closing Incisions Subject to Skin Stress and Movement in Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Other Specialties


KitoTech Medical, a Seattle-based medical device company, announces the launch of a new family of wound closure products, microMend FLEX+™. The products have the same general design of other microMend® products, but are more elastic and ultra-flexible. This makes microMend FLEX+ ideal for closing wounds over joints and allows it to mold to the skin in areas with varying architecture, such as the abdomen, chest, breast, face, hands, and fingers. The first microMend FLEX+ product, microMend FLEX+ WIDE, is intended for closing longer incisions in orthopedics (joint surgeries), abdominopelvic surgeries, cardiothoracic surgeries, Caesarean sections, and plastics (breast, extremities, and abdomen).

“We are excited about the new breakthrough design of the microMend FLEX+ series, which adds high levels of flexibility and elasticity to our growing line of products. These features make microMend FLEX+ especially useful to close wounds in areas of the body subject to high levels of motion and stress. Its elasticity also allows microMend FLEX+ to conform to complex skin surface geometries, which are often encountered in surgery,” said Ron Berenson, MD, President and CEO. “We are first introducing the microMend FLEX+ WIDE, which enables rapid and secure closure of longer incisions associated with joint surgeries, Caesarean sections, and many other procedures – reducing closure times by 10-15 minutes. Given the high costs of ORs and similar facilities, this translates into savings of hundreds of dollars,” Dr. Berenson continued.

About microMend®

microMend consists of an array of miniature stainless steel staples (Microstaples) attached to an adhesive backing that combines the holding strength of a suture with the simplicity of applying a bandage. It is designed to provide medical personnel with a cost-effective, time saving and easy to-use option for closing surgical incisions, lacerations, and other wounds.

About KitoTech Medical

KitoTech Medical is a Seattle-based medical device company spun out of the University of Washington that is developing and commercializing products for wound closure and wound care. Additional product and company information can be found online at

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