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KitoTech Medical Introduces microMend® UMBILICAL Device for Closing the Umbilical Port Site in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgeries


KitoTech Medical, manufacturer of microMend® wound closure devices, announces the launch of microMend UMBILICAL, the newest addition to our growing family of wound closure products. The product was specifically designed to close port site wounds associated with minimally invasive surgeries including laparoscopic and robotic surgeries. During these surgeries, several instruments are inserted through the skin to perform surgical procedures. These leave four to five skin wounds known as port sites which need to be closed. One of the common port sites is the umbilicus which is challenging to close due to its irregular and often concave skin surface. The microMend UMBILICAL device is specifically designed to close this site and can be used by surgeons in conjunction with other microMend devices to close the other port sites.

gI_177942_PRWeb microMend UMBILICAL Launch Image

microMend UMBILICAL demonstrates a commitment to design products to close specific types of wounds in the body and expands the use of microMend products. It opens up a significant market for KitoTech given that there are over five million minimally invasive surgeries performed annually in the US.

“The UMBILICAL device represents another example of the innovative microMend products that KitoTech is developing to address the many and varied needs of closing wounds for surgeons,” stated Ron Berenson, President and CEO. “The device makes it convenient to close the umbilical port site with the ease and speed of our other microMend products. With this device, we now have a total microMend solution for closing nearly all port sites encountered during minimally invasive surgeries. We look forward to working with surgeons to make microMend a new standard for port site skin closure.”

About microMend®

microMend is a patented wound closure product that consists of an array of miniature stainless steel staples (Microstaples) attached to an adhesive backing that combines the holding strength of a suture with the simplicity of applying a bandage. It is designed to provide medical personnel with a cost-effective, time saving and easy to-use option for closing surgical incisions, lacerations, and other wounds. The product has demonstrated outstanding clinical results and is sold into hospitals and clinics throughout the US. microMend products are also available to consumers for easy and painless closure of cuts and lacerations at home or elsewhere which avoid visits to ERs and Urgent Care Clinics.

About KitoTech Medical

KitoTech Medical is a Seattle-based medical device company, which has developed a portfolio of revolutionary wound closure products that are available for both medical and consumer use. Additional product and company information can be found online at