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KitoTech Medical Introduces New microMend® Wound Closure Product for the Consumer Market


KitoTech Medical, a medical device company, announces the addition of a microMend® Combo Pack to its growing line of consumer products. This product gives consumers more options to treat wounds and expands the use of microMend to close smaller lacerations and serious cuts on the fingers and discrete areas of the face. These are common and challenging areas to treat with existing wound closure products.

The new microMend combo pack contains novel Extra Small Devices together with our currently marketed Small Devices. The Extra Small Devices are designed to close smaller wounds on the fingers, nose, ears, and around the mouth and eyes. The Small Devices in the package can be used to treat wounds elsewhere on the body. In addition, the two different size devices can be used in combination to close longer wounds.

“We are excited to introduce the new Extra Small Device with the Combo Pack which provides consumers with the flexibility to close typical wounds as well as those that are difficult to treat. KitoTech is committed to offering a family of microMend products that addresses the increasing demand for treating lacerations at home and other settings rather than emergency rooms and urgent care clinics,” said Dr. Ron Berenson, President and CEO of KitoTech Medical. “The Combo Pack is an important addition to our portfolio of consumer products.”

About microMend®

microMend consists of an array of miniature staples (Microstaples) attached to an adhesive backing that combines the holding strength of stitches with the simplicity of applying a bandage. The Microstaples are tiny and only enter the upper skin layer making them painless. microMend is designed to provide a cost-effective, time saving and easy-to-use option for closing lacerations, skin tears, surgical incisions, and other wounds. microMend keeps wounds securely closed allowing them to heal with minimal to no scarring.

About KitoTech Medical

KitoTech Medical, Inc. is a Seattle-based medical device company that spun out of the University of Washington and continues to develop and commercialize products for wound closure and wound care. More information about microMend and KitoTech Medical can be found online at

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