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KitoTech Medical Launches microMend® Skin Closure Variety Pack

KitoTech Medical, a medical device company, announces the addition of the microMend® Variety Pack to its growing line of consumer skin closure products. The new product contains three different microMend Skin Closure device sizes, all designed for easy application by consumers. This unique product combination allows them to close most lacerations quickly and easily, whether at home or away.  New product announcement for wound closure variety pack
With its broad range of skin closure devices, the microMend Variety Pack addresses the need to treat wounds of a variety of sizes. Each Variety Pack has a total of five (5) devices including a new device that closes a laceration of 1” in width; two medium-sized devices, ideal for closing most small lacerations; and two narrow devices, perfect for closing smaller lacerations on the fingers, ears and areas around the nose and mouth. All five devices can be used together to close wounds up to 2 ½” in length.
“We are excited to introduce the new microMend Variety Pack to provide consumers with a family of products that can be used to treat nearly all lacerations from the smallest on the fingers to larger wounds on the arms, legs, and other areas of the body. KitoTech is committed to developing wound closure products that meet the growing demand for consumers to treat themselves rather than visiting busy and expensive ERs and Urgent Care Clinics,” said Dr. Ron Berenson, President and CEO of KitoTech Medical.