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microMend™, A New, Novel Skin Closure Device Developed by KitoTech Medical, Named One Of “Best Medical Technologies of 2017” In Medgadget’s Year-End Industry Assessment


KitoTech Medical, a Seattle-based medical device company, announces that its proprietary wound closure product, microMend™, has been selected as one of the “Best Medical Technologies” of 2017 by microMend is an attractive alternative to the current choices of sutures, staples and glues for closing skin wounds, including surgical incisions and lacerations.

microMend is an innovative closure solution that uses an array of tiny stainless steel staples (Microstaples), which is attached to an adhesive backing, to achieve similar holding strength to sutures for closing wounds. In contrast to sutures, microMend has been designed so that is easy to apply in a similar manner to a bandage.

Ron Berenson, CEO and Founder of KitoTech Medical, stated: “We are excited to receive this recognition as it validates the innovation that we aimed for in designing a safe, simple, and time-saving method for skin closure.”

microMend is being used to close wounds in dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedic and spinal surgeries, laparoscopic and robotic surgeries, and traumatic injuries. It has potential applications across a wide spectrum of Surgical and Urgent Care procedures.

microMend is commercially available in the US and is offered in two versions, each 43 mm long and 12 mm wide – a “butterfly” shape which narrows to 6 mm at the center, and a “straight edge” Band-Aid shape that is 12 mm wide throughout.

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ABOUT KitoTech Medical

KitoTech Medical is a Seattle-based medical device company that is developing and commercializing products for wound closure and wound care.