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microMend Skin Closure Device Introduced by KitoTech Medical at ASDS 2017 in Chicago


KitoTech Medical, a Seattle-based medical device company, introduced its first product, microMend, at the recent Annual Meeting of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (Oct 5 - 7). microMend is a novel proprietary device used to close skin wounds, such as surgical incisions and lacerations. The market opportunity for microMend extends across a broad range of medical specialties, including surgery and emergency medicine. microMend will be initially promoted to dermatologists, who perform over 5 million surgical procedures, including excisions, skin biopsies, and Mohs surgeries.

microMend is designed to be the size and shape of a traditional butterfly bandage. It has the added feature of tiny Microstaples that allow it to achieve similar holding strength to sutures, and thus close wounds currently requiring sutures or staples. It has a number of clinical and economic advantages over these products. microMend is applied painlessly and rapidly in a similar manner to a bandage. The time savings along with the potential for Nurse Practitioners, PAs, and clinic nurses to apply microMend translates into significant cost savings for physicians and hospitals. In addition, patients are able to remove microMend themselves, which can eliminate return clinic visits for device removal that are inconvenient for patients and not typically reimbursed. Excellent approximation of the edges of the wound and more even distribution of tension along its length result in superior cosmetic outcomes compared to sutures as demonstrated in clinical studies.

In the ASDS Exhibit Hall, microMend was demonstrated to many dermatologists, who were enthusiastic about the potential of the product. Large numbers of samples were dispensed to these physicians who will be evaluating it for use in their practices. The product will be available for purchase in the next one to two weeks.

More information about microMend can be found at