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How Small Adjustments to Dermatology Care Can Affect the Bottom Line

The medical field uses advanced technology in all facets of daily operations. Patient intake forms, record keeping, communication portals, invoicing, and of course, procedures are enhanced by technological advances. Those advances are now shaping dermatology wound care too.

Besides the improved patient experience and clinical outcomes, technological advances can also positively affect a dermatology practice’s bottom line.


The Current Post-Procedure Process is More Costly and Time-Consuming Than Necessary


Every patient that necessitates a dermatological procedure navigates a multi-visit sequence. In most cases, an initial consult and procedure are followed by post-procedure suture removal. Each appointment requires time spent by a staff member and, in some cases, costly medical supplies.

This process was inevitable with traditional post-procedural care technology. But new cutting-edge technology is changing it for the benefit of patients and providers.


What is microMend PRO?

microMend PRO is a revolutionary new wound closure device that combines the application ease of a bandage with the wound sealing prowess of sutures. This innovative technology delivers superior results and increased patient satisfaction and reduces the cost of dermatology wound care.

microMend PRO is a butterfly-shaped device applied adhesively, like a bandage. It contains stainless steel micro-staples which attach to the skin and provide the holding strength of sutures. microMend PRO can close a wound up to 50 cm in length, including lacerations with jagged edges. It is also effective at closing fragile skin tears that are unable to be closed with sutures.

microMend PRO creates a wound seal tight enough to reduce the risk of an infection developing. Once applied, microMend PRO can stay in place for up to 14 days. 


microMend Can Boost Your Practice’s Bottom Line

There are many benefits to using microMend over traditional wound closure devices, including improved cosmetic outcomes and patient experience. microMend also benefits dermatology providers by reducing the cost of the traditional post-procedure process in a few key ways.


Shortens Procedure Time

As with any business, time is money. Clinical studies show utilizing microMend PRO to close wounds is seven times faster than using sutures. microMend significantly shortens procedure times, expanding providers' capacity to see patients throughout the day.

Minimizes Suture Procedure Supplies Purchases

Using microMend PRO eliminates the need for—and cost of—using sutures. 

Because wound suturing can be a painful process, most patients require administration of a local anesthetic. Applying microMend PRO is a pain-free process, so there’s no need to administer an anesthetic. This reduces the need for costly anesthesia as well as supplies like the suture tray and removal kit.

Utilizing microMend PRO instead of sutures reduces supply costs by 50 percent. A dermatology practice will spend approximately $10–$15 on microMend as opposed to $20–$30 for the standard suture tray, sutures, and anesthetic.

Eliminates Suture Removal Appointments

Most medical sutures must be removed by a provider, necessitating a follow-up suture removal appointment one to two weeks after the procedure. microMend devices can be easily removed by the patient, eliminating the need for a follow-up appointment. This increases staff capacity for new patient appointments and allows providers to treat more patients.

Expands Patient Population

Not every patient falls into a singular mold. Some patients, including young children, senior citizens, and individuals battling chronic illness, require a more gentle level of care.

microMend PRO makes treating children’s lacerations easier by making wound treatment faster and less painful. Many children fear the anesthesia needle and the suture application process. Using microMend PRO eliminates the need for anesthesia, and the wound closure process is as simple as applying a bandage.
Many senior citizens and chronically ill patients suffer from thin skin, which is unable to be treated with traditional medical sutures. microMend PRO provides a more delicate wound sealing option for fragile skin.

Reduces Provider Load

microMend PRO application requires minimal training, so providers including nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered nurses, and nursing assistants can perform the wound closure process. This allows dermatologists to focus on more specialized tasks such as seeing new patients, conducting complex procedures, and managing business-related aspects of the practice.

All medical practices can benefit from investing in and treating patients with the latest, most innovative technology. Today's technological advances help practices operate more cost-effectively and efficiently.

If you’re looking to increase your dermatology practice’s bottom line while benefiting your patients, consider using microMend PRO to make costly suture removal a procedure of the past. Contact us today to request a quote.