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Unique Technology

​​​What is microMend?

microMend is a proprietary, disposable wound-closure device manufactured by KitoTech Medical. It contains high tech Microstaples that provide multiple points of contact to attach the device to the skin enabling secure wound closure. This allows for the closure of surgical incisions and lacerations that previously required sutures and staples.

microMend contains a metal array of tiny Microstaples. They are fixed with narrow and uniform spacing from one another and provide tight skin closure and consistent results. The Microstaple array also contains cantilever springs, which provides device flexibility and elasticity to enable microMend to move with the skin. Novel engineering creates a product that is comfortable to wear without skin irritation. The elastic backing enables microMend to be applied like a bandage.

How Does microMend Work?

microMend is the shape and size of a traditional butterfly closure. The device has Microstaples incorporated on the left and right sides of the device with a bridge connecting the two sides to center over a wound. When applied, microMend Microstaples anchor securely onto the patient’s skin on each side of the wound. Each individual microMend device is able to securely close approximately 1.5 cm of wound length.

microMend’s components are made out of medical-grade components. The Microstaples are stainless steel, identical to the material currently used in medical staples for wound closure. All other microMend materials are hypoallergenic.

There are two microMend patent applications which cover all aspects of the device and its clinical uses.